Stiles Machinery Inc. continues to be a major supporter of the MiLL National Training Center. Stiles has now partnered with the MiLL to hold Stiles University week long trainings to industry employees. It has been part of the MiLL’s vision to be a training facility where companies could send their employees to be trained in one to two week courses. This week, Stiles University is holding its first training at the MiLL with attendees coming in from across the country to learn woodWOP Programming, CNC Tooling and Hands-On Machine Operation. 

The Stiles/ MiLL education partnership made it possible to create the Peyton Woods Program three years ago and establish the MiLL National Training Center which opened August, 2017. Now established as an industry training facility, the MiLL will be able to increase the skill level of current or new industry employees on the latest technology, an issue many companies are facing.  Industry can send field service reps and sales people for cross training so they will know the language and process of cabinetmaking and finishing.  Education and industry have to do better in producing a workforce with deeper skills.  The MiLL is doing its part to produce highly qualified employees for the woods manufacturing industry.

For more information on training employees contact Dean Mattson or go to the MiLL website:  and request more information.

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