We are based in Colorado Springs, CO and are here to empower the next generation of industry leaders. MiLL stands for “Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab” and we are located at the Peyton/Widefield Vocational Education Campus on 4450 Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard across from the Widefield School District’s Transportation Department. The MiLL is a massive group effort between school districts, professionals, and industry partners.

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Be trained in the industry's most sophisticated machinery


gain skills that will transfer to various manufacturing industries


Receive National Certification and be ready-to-hire after completion


use your training to build a solid career & future for yourself and loved ones


You asked us to build a National Training Center to train the next generation of employees. 
You asked for education to partner with industry.
Come and see what the partnership has created!

We train students from high school, college, military, and industry in lean manufacturing techniques
and are empowering them to succeed in today’s economy.

The people of Colorado Springs voted The Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab (MiLL) as one of the Best Trade Schools in Colorado Springs!

The MiLL took Silver in the Best Of Colorado Springs contest put on by the Colorado Springs Independent (Indy). Each year the Indy collects nominations to create ballots for people to fill out the “Best Of” in a variety of categories.

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Women in Woodworking at the MILL

Women in Woodworking at the MILL

“Miss Andi” Torrez walked into the temporary classroom at the Widefield Bus Barn in the beginning week of school curious about what she overheard. She asked Mr. Mattson, “What class is this?  Is it too late for my son to get in?” Unfortunately for her son, he had a...

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Here’s a bit of our story…

The MiLL stands for “Manufacturing Industry Learning Lab”.

We are located at the Peyton/Widefield Vocational Education Campus on 4450 Foreign Trade Zone Boulevard across from the Widefield School District’s Transportation Department.

In the fall of 2015, Peyton 23-JT Superintendent Tim Kistler hired Dean Mattson to teach state-of-the-art woodworking manufacturing classes. Mattson is a former professional cabinet maker who started a similar program at a high school in Oregon that was a huge success.

The program became known as the Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program with a shop that includes more than $800,000 in loaned equipment from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Widefield School District Superintendent Scott Campbell was blown away by the potential of the program after attending an open house and jumped at the opportunity to get his students involved.

In the spring of 2016, Widefield sent 30 students to Peyton to be a part of the program. There are now 180 students from six school districts participating in our program daily.

The success of the program (in less than a year), prompted Mattson, Kistler and Campbell to create a partnership that will allow the program to expand in Southern Colorado.

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Manufacturing is an important part of the American economy, it’s an incredibly important part of the state economy, and it’s incredibly important to the economy of the Pikes Peak region.

According to the National Association of Manufacturing, the next 10 years there will be 3.4 million jobs available in the United States in manufacturing.

This is exactly what needs to happen in America at this point in time, and it’s exactly what needs to happen in our community to develop a workforce that’s going to meet employment needs.

John Suthers

Mayor, Colorado Springs