I think the MILL is very cool. I like all of the people here and I work well with the others and the staff are funny. Mr. Mattson is sometimes hard on us because he doesn’t want to see us fail.

The MILL is a great place for anybody, as long as we work hard. Mr. Mattson will always be there for us. They teach us how to make a lot of money in life by doing simple things like building cabinets.

Mr. Vic Teslin taught us that you can make a lot of money by selling spurtles. A spurt is a wooden stick that prevents burning at the bottom of pots and pans. Mr. Teslin uses it to keep his oatmeal from burning. He also mentioned that people don’t buy stuff because things will last a long time, but that people buy things that are more expensive and made out of wood because they have stories that buyers think are interesting.

The MILL teaches us a lot of trade skills and this program can turn your whole life around. Mr. Mattson cares for his students and doesn’t mind that we make mistakes so long as we learn from them.

You are worth more than you think. Good things don’t come to you if you’re lazy. Good things come to you if you work hard and put some pride into what you do at the MILL.

You make friends at the MILL and the teachers will be there to help you with anything. It’s easier to talk to the staff because they are young and can relate to us more. The MILL has turned my life around a lot. A lot of the choices I was making weren’t the best choices and I used to get into trouble a lot. Now I have something in my life that’s worth working for. The program helped me change my behavior. I hope I can keep going to the MILL throughout the ret of my high school career.

I would recommend the MILL to anyone that is interested in building cabinets and tables and learning trade skills. I’ve had a plan on what I’m going to do after high school since I was six years old. My dream is to become a culinary master chef with a master’s degree in culinary arts. If this plan doesn’t work for me then I’ll become a professional wood worker with another master’s degree in woodworking so that I can make a lot of money doing something that I’ve learned to love.

I appreciate everything that Mr. Mattson has done for us throughout this year. I feel that I’ve learned so much from him and the other instructors: Mr. Harting, Mr. Pring, Mr. Jason, Ms. Sand and Mr. Clark.

This has been the best year of my life and I think that I will keep my tape measure, my apron and my cabinet for the rest of my life so that I’ll always remember my time at the MILL.

Thank you Mr. Mattson for everything that you’ve done for us, and I’ll work hard for a good life for myself. And maybe after I’m a successful woodworking professional I’ll teach wood manufacturing like you.

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