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Dean Mattson

Founder & President of the MiLL

Creator of the Woods Manufacturing Program & Curriculum

O – 719-391-3595
C – 503-851-5276

Dean is the Founder and President of the MiLL National Training Center.

He is the CEO of Mattson’s Interiors Inc., formerly a cabinet manufacturing company, and now a Career Technical Education Consulting (CTE) company.

Dean was the lead instructor of the Woods Program at North Salem High School in Salem, Oregon. He then became the Director of Woods Manufacturing for Peyton Public Schools in Peyton, Colorado. He helped expand the CTE model of education to public schools across North America, which lead to the establishment of the the MiLL National Training Center.

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Dean Mattson’s career started in the corporate business sector where he spent time in sales, marketing, and business management. Mattson is the founder of five companies and is the CEO of Mattson’s Interiors Inc. This company was a cabinet manufacturing company and is now a Career Technical Education Consulting (CTE) company.

In 2008, Dean was challenged to give back to the Woods Industry by entering the field of public education. He became the lead instructor of the Woods Program at North Salem High School in Salem, Oregon. At North Salem, he took over an existing traditional wood shop program. Dean then saw the need to develop and implement a new vision to help students have optional career pathways in advanced education or in the manufacturing industry. He established unique business and industry partnerships which allowed the latest manufacturing technologies to be available in his classrooms. This resulted in one of the largest internationally recognized woods education programs.

In 2013, Dean was awarded the prestigious Woodworking Machine Industry Association (WMIA) Wooden Globe Award for Education for high schools, colleges and industry. Portland Community College (PPC) in 2013 offered him an articulation partnership. He was then able to provide college credit to all of his 500 plus students.

In 2015, Dean partnered with Tim Kistler and became the Director of Woods Manufacturing for Peyton Public Schools in Peyton, Colorado. He did this to expand this CTE model of education to public schools across North America and to establish the industry National Woods Manufacturing Training Center.

In 2015, Peyton School District retrofitted an abandoned middle school into a Career Technical Education Facility (CTEF), a modern lean manufacturing educational facility and implemented the Mattson Wood Manufacturing Curriculum. The first Peyton students began Cabinet Manufacturing classes, August 17, 2015.

Several periodicals have produced articles pertaining to Dean’s educational model. The articles can be found in “Cabinet Maker FTM,” Architectural Wood Institute” “Surface and Panel”, “Wood Industry”, and “Custom Woodworking Business” magazines. Recent newspapers have produced articles. These are the “Statesman Journal”, “Denver Post”, “Wall Street News”, “Colorado Springs Business Journal”, “The Gazette”, and “The Ranchland News”. Salem Keizer Public Schools and Triton Tools of England have produced documentaries.

Dean serves on the National Association of Woodworking & Furnishing Suppliers (AWFS) Career Technical Education Committee and is a Certified Instructor Evaluator for the Woodwork Career Alliance.

He currently resides in Salem, Oregon and Colorado Springs, CO with his wife, Rosemary. They have four married children and five grandchildren, and he enjoys woodworking and fly-fishing in his spare time.

Tim Kistler

Superintendent of Peyton School District 23JT

Senior Advisor to the MiLL

O – 719-391-3595
C – 719-440-8902

Tim is the Senior Advisor to the MiLL National Training Center.

He became the Superintendent of Peyton School District in 2002, after serving as the middle/high school principal for two years, and brought significant change and innovation to the school district. He passed a bond for a new high school, started a “Woods Manufacturing Program”, and was able to procure the services of a nationally renowned instructor, Dean Mattson, to teach the program at Peyton.

Tim helped establish the MiLL National Training Center, which is under the umbrella of Peyton School District.

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Before coming to Peyton, Tim was the assistant principal at Cheyenne Mountain Junior High for three years, and also taught in Academy School District 20, El Paso School District 11, and Upland School District in California.

Tim grew up in California where he excelled in football and track and set the decathlon record at his college. He is the son of a California Highway Patrolman and holds a Bachelor’s of Science Degree in Physical Education and Health, and a Masters’ Degree in School Administration.

Tim started his teaching career in California where he taught math, geography, and physical education, and he coached football and track. In 1991 he was awarded “Most Outstanding Physical Education Teacher” in San Bernardino County, California. In 1996 he was awarded ” Secondary Physical Education Teacher of the Year” for the state of Colorado.  He recently was awarded the Demont Award which is given to a Colorado School Administrator ”who will leave their district better than they found it.”

Tim has been responsible for innovation for the Peyton School District, in 2005 passing a bond for a new high school, the first passed in many years. In 2015, seeing a great need for vocational education, he started a “Woods Manufacturing Program”, teaming up with Dean Mattson who became the instructor.

Tim served as the chairman of the BOCES for two years and currently sits on the Rural Education Council.

He has been married to his wife Susan for over thirty years and has three grown children of which he is very proud.

Scott Campbell

Superintendent – Widefield School District 3

Key Advisor to the MiLL

W – 719-391-3001
C – 719-464-3923

Scott is a key advisor to the MiLL National Training Center.

He has focused on revitalizing Widefield School District’s building trades and construction program and has partnered with the Peyton Woods program to provide career opportunities in woods manufacturing, construction and building trades. This partnership allowed Widefield to purchase and renovate a 46,000 square foot building, now known as the MiLL National Training Center. 

Scott hopes to bring a focused, hands on environment for students to learn the manufacturing skills and/or the building trade skills needed to earn a quality position in a noble professional job field.

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Scott is serving his 27th year in the education.  

He was a science teacher and has been an administrator for 23 years.

During his career, Scott has served in a variety of roles in Widefield including being an Assistant Principal, and Principal at both the Junior High and High School levels before moving into Central Administration.

Scott has been an adamant supporter of creating opportunities for students.  In the last four years he has provided students in the Widefield District the opportunity to pursue study in Engineering, Bio-medical Engineering, Computer Science and Cyber Security Pathways (k-12). 

Eileen Casey White, Ed.D.

Curriculum Editor for the Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program

W – 503-559-8946

Eileen is the Curriculum Editor for the Peyton Woods Manufacturing Program.

Her company, Connections Consulting Inc., was contracted to formalize Dean Mattson’s Cabinet Manufacturing (CAB) courses, beginning in June 2017. She is a nationally-recognized expert, particularly related to Career Pathways, industry certifications and standards, and manufacturing job analysis.

After completing CAB 1 & 2, Eileen is working with the Peyton team to develop the next 6 courses in the series. She is also designing the MiLL Academy program that will launch in Fall 2017.

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Originally a K-12 educator (B.S., Secondary Education/English and M.Ed. from Arizona State University), she transitioned to community college contracted training and found a passion for workplace-based education.

A Doctorate from Portland State University (Educational Leadership / Curriculum & Instruction) in 1997 solidified her academic and industry expertise with a dissertation focused on the Workplace Educator Perspective.

Since 2011, Eileen has led the Connections Consulting team full-time in their work with private and non-profit organizations, government agencies, and educational institutions.


MiLL Instructor, WCA Certified Evaluator

O – 719-391-3595

Chet is a Colorado Springs native.  He has been in the construction industry for approximately 40 years, most of this in the Colorado Springs area.  

He spent 2 years on the east coast where he owned his own interior trim company. Chet has 5 years experience working as a project manager for a major retail company on the west coast.

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Chet has been with The MiLL since the opening.  He was first hired in the Peyton woods manufacturing program teaching half days, this year he is a full time teacher at The MiLL.

Chet was a hunting guide for 7 years, In his free time he still enjoys hunting. He also enjoys stock car racing.

His wife Lori works in Colorado springs with the Pikes peak board of Realtors. He has a son and daughter both in High School. His son is a currently a  CAB 7/8 student and will be among the first graduating class at The MiLL.

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